About Us

Born from a pack of wolves hungry for drama and song, our brave adventurers have established a unique group with an ethos of inclusivity and a commitment to writing and producing original drama. Music is interwoven through our activities which also include folk evenings and community singing. We are a true 'community group' of the people and for the people of North Walsham.


Take to the stage with us and perform in a play or musical.


Singalong to classic folk, contemporary, and original written songs by WDSG.


Write a play, build props, costumes and sets, or visit the theatre with WDSG.

Performing with Friends

Capturing the beauty of performance.
Creating an accessible platform for anyone to take part in.
Developing stronger ties in our wonderful community of North Walsham.

Our Next Production:

Since Yesterday: Walsham and the World

Since Yesterday: Walsham and the World, is an originally written production by WDSG. It's nearly 1986 in North Walsham's Fine Fare supermarket! Join Peggy, Paul, Alan, the riddle-filled Ritchie and other Fine Fare employees at another day at work. Customers come and go, watching live in-store entertainment and reminiscing with thoughts of yesterday, it's all kicking off at the deli counter!

7:30pm - Friday 10th & Saturday 11th November 2023, North Walsham Community Centre.

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketsource on the link below or at North Walsham Community Shop.

Past Productions

One Night Only

15th July 2023

A variety show with powerful songs, seafaring sea shanties, comedic sketches and classic folk songs, this one night show of entertainment has it all!

A Mummers Play

18th & 23rd December 2022

A Mummers Play, is a classic Mummers story, led by our hero, Saint George, who battles the evils of Beezlebub and his devilish dog, Black Shuck. With help from Father Christmas and various others, can the good Saint George triumph over evil?


12th October 2019

Four original playlets, inspired by verses from Ralph McTell's iconic song 'Street of London'.

A Troublesome Rehearsal

24 - 25th March 2023

A farcical play about Charles Fisher and his zany family of perfomers attempting one last rehearsal of their play 'His Masters' Rival'. Whimsical antics of prop horses and hungover actors ensue!

The Mitre Tavern

15 - 16th July 2022

A bawdy, folk musical set in 1892. Join the locals of The Mitre Tavern as they have one last drink and singalong at this once great North Walsham pub.