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About Us

Born from a pack of wolves hungry for drama and song in the barren wasteland that is North Norfolk, our brave adventurers, led by a very organised committee, have decided to give up their spare time to pursue that very seductive creature called performance. They call this endeavour.. the Walsham Drama and Singing Group, or ' WDSG'.


Singalong to your favourite tunes with the Walsham Pub Singers. 


Take to the stage, housed in our new home at the Congregational Hall in North Walsham. 


Write a play, build a set, organise an event or visit the theatre with WDSG.

Performing with Friends

Capturing the beauty of performance. 
Creating an accessible platform for anyone to take part in. 
Developing stronger ties in our wonderful community of North Walsham. 

What's On

Next Production: Spring 2021
7 Sins

Following postponement of '7 Sins' in March 2020, we are aiming to reschedule the production for Spring 2021.
See you then!

'7 Sins' is a series of original and adapted works based on the traditional seven deadly sins. Inspired by the sins, these works have been written and produced in-house by our WDSG members - some highly comedic whilst others brutally relevant.

* The 7 Performances *
LUST: "The Beautiful Game" by Diane Evans.
GLUTTONY: "An Incident in the Life of Prince Regent" by Susan Page.
SLOTH: "Rolling the Boulder" by Brian Meade.
GREED: "The Greedy Greens" by Carmel Casey and Tony Brown.
WRATH: "Trigger" by Megan Howlett and Oli Bowling.
ENVY: "Shiro's Magic" by Carole Wilshaw.
PRIDE: Song performed by cast members.

Did you see The 187 Show?

During lockdown our members were itching to get creative.
As a result, our annual variety performance, this year called 'The 187 Show', was released via YouTube on 18 July 2020.


* The 187 Show - Performances *
Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes
The show contains some swearing and adult references.

Knit One: Written and performed by Carmel Casey.
Witches: Written by Diane Evans. Performed by Diane Evans and Susan Page.
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme: Performed by Mollie Walton.
You Light Up My Life?: Written and performed by Carmel Casey and Tony Brown.
Jude: Monologue from 'Eight', written by Ella Hickson. Performed by Oli Bowling.
- Intermission -
West 4th Street and Jones: Written by Ralph McTell. Performed by Tony Brown.
What I Did In The Pandemic: Written and performed by Susan Page.
The Psychic: Written by Tony Brown. Performed by Carmel Casey and Tony Brown.
It's A Medley Jim.. But Not As We Know It!: Performed by Brian Meade and Catherine Seward.
Bojo Briefing: Written and performed by Tony Brown.
Stand By Me: Written by Ben E. King, Kerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Performed by Megan Howlett.
Lost Time: Written and performed by Susan Page.

The 217 Show

Production Date: 21 July 2019

'The 217 Show' was the soft-launch production of WDSG, a variety performance with acts from the creatives of the Group. The performance acted as a proof of concept, allowing the Group to test its initial approach to show-making. 
Kindly hosted at Yendell's Hall with support from Sarah Yendell, the production included famous skits from Monty Python, Laurel and Hardy and The Goon Show as well as live music and original works from the Group. 
It was a lovely production and has prepared the Group for its next show, 'Streets'. 

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